About Nolan Law Firm

Clients of the Nolan Law Firm feel that they not only have an experienced law and investigative team working on their behalf, but they also have a true partner in their cause. An attorney since 1986, Mr. Nolan, the President of Nolan Law Firm, has numerous admissions to Federal Courts across the country. He received his education at Yale University (B.A.) and the University of Florida (J.D.), and was formerly a Trial Practice Adjunct Professor of Law at a major law school and an instructor and faculty member for the National Institute for Trial Advocacy. He is an accomplished author on compliance and the False Claims Act, with numerous articles to his credit.

If you are searching for experienced qui tam counsel, Nolan Law Firm will walk hand in hand with you just as they have with so many other clients. They will patiently advise you and take you through the necessary steps to properly file a qui tam case.

The Nolan Law Firm assures that the best investigative team explores every aspect of its clients’ cases in order to help assure a winning presentation through all of the stages of a qui tam lawsuit. Our exclusive investigative team includes former FBI and CMS employees. We continue to be committed to devoting our experience and expertise to attain the maximum recoveries possible. Potential cases are reviewed by our experts before filing, to ensure responsible advocacy and thorough preparation. We possess sophisticated legal skills and the financial resources necessary for the handling of large, complex cases. We care and understand.

If you are interested in filing a qui tam lawsuit and learning more about how the Nolan Law Firm can help you, your first step should be to get enough details of the fraud or otherwise illegal activity that you are aware of. Potential cases are reviewed by their expert team of law and investigative professionals prior to filing. This helps ensure responsible advocacy and thorough preparation. After review, Nolan Law Firm will contact you to give you feedback about the facts of your case, and how Nolan Law Firm can help you.