Legal Malpractices

Sometimes in legal cases, our attorneys could turn out to be quite irresponsible and there have been a lot of questions on whether one can take legal action to one’s attorney or not. The first issue is whether one can fire their attorneys or not. It would seem quite complicated affair firing an attorney bearing in mind that a certain contract binds you to them. However, one can fire their attorneys but keeping in mind that they are entitled an agreed legal fee.
In the situation where a disagreement is reached, the attorney could sue one if they fail to pay them their due amounts. This is guided by quantum meruit
Lawyers are always encouraged to bring their liability insurance
against their professionalism malpractice, however, some other states
do not obligate them to have such insurance, and one can be able to
sue their attorneys in case they do not carry professional liability
insurance that would assure them of their quality work, difficulty can
Come in the process of collecting awards. Liability insurances are
likely to cover some certain areas of the malpractice but excluded
certain types of conducts, some fraudulent actions are normally
excluded under professional liability insurance thus the client should
know so that when going for their claim and they can be sure to get

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